My Summer Vacations

My family, my boyfriend, and I went to Kern River last summer in 2011. Kern River is a huge river by Bakersfield. You have to go through big mountains and curves in order to go and get to the top of the mountain where the camping sites are at. The view to the way to the top was beautiful and very dangerous. throughout the way to the top you could see the hard currents of the river, you have to drive safety or else you can fall. When you reach to the top you reach to several towns and stores but as you keep going you keep going through mountains and the river. Kern RIver has several camping sites, and the one where we stayed in was The Headquarters. We camped out and ate marshmallows and saw the bright stars. In the morning we ate and headed to the river to have some fun. Even though the mountains are steep and currents are sometimes hard it is a nice place to camp out and take your family to enjoy some fresh air. We go every year during the summer.


Last year we also when to Las Vegas. We stayed for 3 days in the Circus Circus hotel. We played at the arcade inside Circus Circus and we also walked down the strip to see the other hotels and some shows. After those 3 days at Circus Circus, we left to Laughlin, Nevada near Arizona, we stayed at this hotel named Harrahs. This hotel had its own private beach that was connected to the Colorado River. It was so fun, the River was nice and clear. Harrahs had 2 pools a good dining place, and a little arcade. I enjoyed going and had lots of fun with my family. 


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